6 Steps to the Most Effective Advertising Possible!

As you know there are Endless ways to advertise Offline and Online (internet).Both have their pro’s and con’s when using them to advertise your industry. But you need to realize that having a marketing tactic is just the foundation! There are key things you need to gain from your marketing efforts to truly create the most effective advertising system viable.These are the requirements you need to have to produce effective advertisements…I. Tracking progress is the first phase to effective advertisements and is more crucial than most people believe1. You need to know how many times people actually look at, read or watch the marketed material.
2. How many of those persons in fact inquired about your product or service?
3. How many of those persons turned in to actual buyers?
4. Which ad created one of these events by potential customers?II. Update the ad content / verbiage (split test)- Watching the ads closely will allow you to know if each ad you placed is effective or not. To determine if you will make changes or re-create the entire advertisement. There is no perfect way to state anything and the age, location and gender of the potential clients will effect the way that your ad is perceived and evaluated.This is why you do what’s called a “split test” by taking an creating an identical ad and changing just one thing. This detail can be as simple as punctuation, capital VS. lower case, removing or adding a word or a different headline. It’s amazing the way one quick change in the verbiage or punctuation of the ad can change the effectiveness. effectiveness of all your advertisements.III. Target Your Audience (age groups, gender, location, etc)- This is a very important piece of information because you don’t need to be selling ice to an Eskimo. You need to hit the ideal demographic for your product or service, and if you don’t know what that is you can find out. Because when you are advertising to the wrong people you are literally throwing away money.As an example, if you want to accurately market to a near by audience you have to make sure that your advertisements aren’t seen on a nationwide scale. Targeting can be getting noticed by certain groups
and targeting can be staying hidden from certain people which is very important in order to stay cost sensitive.IV. Be Seen & Stand out- The fact is you have to be leveraging methods that will allow you to be seen. And seen constantly and consistently since advertising can only work if people actually see the ad. Meaning you have to not only use the most effective advertising methods to get your marketing out, but you have to “Stand Out”. When applying banner advertisements make sure to use vibrant colors that have maybe have animation. Or with text ads present the thing your company does best, basically why someone would want to work with you instead of the competition. If you don’t tell people why they should click on your ad why would they? Why do you think so many people purchase the newest “Cosmopolitan” or “Men’s Health” magazine? Their headlines always get your attentionV. Be Cost sensitive- This may be apparent but many people overlook that you need to watch and update your advertisements
in all of your marketing efforts. If you are not paying attention to this you might be throwing money into ad’s that aren’t effective. The idea is to fine-tune your ad’s until you are making more than you are paying.Here’s an example…You have a cold and you just purchased and used 2 kinds of cold medicines.Now tell me, which one actually worked? You won’t be able to!There is no way of knowing which of the two medicines you had taken actually did what you needed to feel better. So now next time you get a flu you will most likely buy both of the medicines again. What this has accomplished is now instead of purchasing the 1 medicine that worked for you; you are buying both and
just giving money away.VI. Become Automated- Having automated advertising will make sure that every opportunity created from your marketing efforts is being worked. Doesn’t matter if you automate by email or phone, its your choice. And I know what you’re saying “you can’t hire someone around the clock to answer the phones for you”. But you actually can and I’ll touch on that another time.Your time is crucial and valuable so we want to be cost sensitive and apply
marketing that can be updated rapidly and does the work while you sleep.To review you must be able to:- Track effectiveness of the advertisement
– Revise the advertisements content / verbiage (split test)
– Target Your listeners (age groups, gender, location, etc)
– Be Found!
– Be Cost sensitive
– Time sensitive (your time, and how long till the advertisement is shown)
– Automation