6 Steps to the Most Effective Advertising Possible!

As you know there are Endless ways to advertise Offline and Online (internet).Both have their pro’s and con’s when using them to advertise your industry. But you need to realize that having a marketing tactic is just the foundation! There are key things you need to gain from your marketing efforts to truly create the most effective advertising system viable.These are the requirements you need to have to produce effective advertisements…I. Tracking progress is the first phase to effective advertisements and is more crucial than most people believe1. You need to know how many times people actually look at, read or watch the marketed material.
2. How many of those persons in fact inquired about your product or service?
3. How many of those persons turned in to actual buyers?
4. Which ad created one of these events by potential customers?II. Update the ad content / verbiage (split test)- Watching the ads closely will allow you to know if each ad you placed is effective or not. To determine if you will make changes or re-create the entire advertisement. There is no perfect way to state anything and the age, location and gender of the potential clients will effect the way that your ad is perceived and evaluated.This is why you do what’s called a “split test” by taking an creating an identical ad and changing just one thing. This detail can be as simple as punctuation, capital VS. lower case, removing or adding a word or a different headline. It’s amazing the way one quick change in the verbiage or punctuation of the ad can change the effectiveness. effectiveness of all your advertisements.III. Target Your Audience (age groups, gender, location, etc)- This is a very important piece of information because you don’t need to be selling ice to an Eskimo. You need to hit the ideal demographic for your product or service, and if you don’t know what that is you can find out. Because when you are advertising to the wrong people you are literally throwing away money.As an example, if you want to accurately market to a near by audience you have to make sure that your advertisements aren’t seen on a nationwide scale. Targeting can be getting noticed by certain groups
and targeting can be staying hidden from certain people which is very important in order to stay cost sensitive.IV. Be Seen & Stand out- The fact is you have to be leveraging methods that will allow you to be seen. And seen constantly and consistently since advertising can only work if people actually see the ad. Meaning you have to not only use the most effective advertising methods to get your marketing out, but you have to “Stand Out”. When applying banner advertisements make sure to use vibrant colors that have maybe have animation. Or with text ads present the thing your company does best, basically why someone would want to work with you instead of the competition. If you don’t tell people why they should click on your ad why would they? Why do you think so many people purchase the newest “Cosmopolitan” or “Men’s Health” magazine? Their headlines always get your attentionV. Be Cost sensitive- This may be apparent but many people overlook that you need to watch and update your advertisements
in all of your marketing efforts. If you are not paying attention to this you might be throwing money into ad’s that aren’t effective. The idea is to fine-tune your ad’s until you are making more than you are paying.Here’s an example…You have a cold and you just purchased and used 2 kinds of cold medicines.Now tell me, which one actually worked? You won’t be able to!There is no way of knowing which of the two medicines you had taken actually did what you needed to feel better. So now next time you get a flu you will most likely buy both of the medicines again. What this has accomplished is now instead of purchasing the 1 medicine that worked for you; you are buying both and
just giving money away.VI. Become Automated- Having automated advertising will make sure that every opportunity created from your marketing efforts is being worked. Doesn’t matter if you automate by email or phone, its your choice. And I know what you’re saying “you can’t hire someone around the clock to answer the phones for you”. But you actually can and I’ll touch on that another time.Your time is crucial and valuable so we want to be cost sensitive and apply
marketing that can be updated rapidly and does the work while you sleep.To review you must be able to:- Track effectiveness of the advertisement
– Revise the advertisements content / verbiage (split test)
– Target Your listeners (age groups, gender, location, etc)
– Be Found!
– Be Cost sensitive
– Time sensitive (your time, and how long till the advertisement is shown)
– Automation

Internet Advertising – The Way To Zoom Ahead

Advertising was a fairly straightforward business in the past. A company simply had to employ an advertising agency which created advertisements and placed them in different forms of media. These avenues were limited like the newspapers, magazines or billboards and other outdoor advertisements. If the ad campaign was well funded and fully fledged, it included commercials on television too. The Advertising agency used to hold the key to the marketplace. They had the contacts, the technical know-how, and the network of professional alliances needed to make a splash into the marketplace. A business needed to hire these specialists in order to reach the market with their message.But gone are those days, thanks to online advertising marketing or internet advertising which places the business directly in front of their audience. Now advertising is an ever changing, unending flow of information from business to consumer. They have great insight and can provide you a road map for marketing and promoting your product or service. There are many types of Internet advertising, most take place through individual websites and others utilize email as a vehicle to deliver ads. Either way, online advertising marketing has come into its own as an acceptable and highly profitable form of advertisement.There are many methods of internet advertising, but the most popular ones are Contextual advertising, Email advertising, Affiliate marketing and so on. Contextual advertising tracks the user’s search interests and targets the relevant and associated ads related to his or her interest. For example, if a person is reading about diamonds then the ads related to diamond or diamond jewelries will be shown to him and so on.Similarly, Email advertising can be a good way of internet advertising if it is done in a way unrelated to spammers and scams. Creating informative emails and sending them only to those likely to be interested and also asking visitors to sign up for email specials and newsletters so that you are certain that your emails are wanted, and not a nuisance. Another very effective method of online advertising marketing is Affiliate marketing. It is basically a scenario where a company agrees to pay commission or incentives to another web-based organization or individual to advertise and market its product or service.Therefore, Internet advertising has emerged as one of the most efficient tools in today’s world which can help you zoom ahead of your competitors. If chosen wisely it can prove as a blue print for your success and prosperity.To know more about internet advertising log onto http://www.xapads.com

Insurance Advertising – Discover How Independent Insurance Agents Generate Leads

Each day, more and more Insurance Agents are leaving the captive corporate world to venture into the realm of independent insurance agent. Rather than being locked into selling one major insurance carrier’s branded product line, they opt to offer a larger variety of policies, services and costs; coinciding with the demand of consumers wanting to have choices and options at competitive prices.As we are well aware, this is no longer a “seller’s market”, but an “informed buyer’s”. People, in general, are armed with more information than ever before. So, how do you, the independent insurance agent, stand out from the other 100’s of agents in your city? What marketing avenues are available to you so that you capture the prospective buyer’s attention and convert them into a prospect and ultimately a long-term client? And which ones work?Regardless of your target audience, whether you have niched your focus to be product specific, or if you are targeting a certain population segment; you need to investigate the various forms of advertising available to you, the costs of such programs and the pros and cons.Below is a breakdown of the most commonly used forms of advertising for the independent insurance agency, and the pros and cons of each.Television Advertising
As the average American spends more time in front of the television, it should be no surprise that this is one of the most sought after forms of marketing available.Pros:Ability to reach a larger and more diverse segment of the insurance seeking population
You can specify time of day and network, reaching your intended audience easier
Since most consumers are engaged by a combination of movement, color, what they see and what they hear, this gives most businesses a platform to achieve full sensory contact
Gives a business instant credibility and prestigeCons:Cost for the commercial air time and/or multiple runs
Cost for hiring a marketing agency to lay-out and film your insurance commercial
Consumer expectation – no longer are we impressed with someone reading off a teleprompt, they want to be entertained
Competition for the consumer’s attention
Popularity of digital recorders has increased, giving consumers the ability to fast-forward through commercials when watching their favorite showsMany experts would agree that if you have the extra capital in your marketing budget to incorporate television into your advertising that you should. However, it is important that you research different advertising firms to help you explore your options with regards to creating your on-air advertisement, the best way to target your audience and keep within your planned budget.Newspaper advertising and local weekly shoppers
With regards to print advertisements, some independent agents turn to local newspapers and weekly shoppers to advertise their agencies. Since many households either subscribe to at least one newspaper, or pick them up at their local newsstands, it is a fast and simple way to gain recognition by consumers.Pros:Ability to reach more than one target audience by placing various advertisements in the different sections of a newspaper
You have the choice of large or small circulation papers to advertise your insurance agency
Consumers who turn to the newspapers and weekly shoppers are looking for advertisers who offer deals or bargains
Multiple advertisement ad sizes to correspond with various budgetsCons:Newspapers and weekly shoppers are usually read once and discarded
Smaller advertisements have a more difficult time standing out when placed next to a larger ad
Quality of the print may distort images and photos in a way that can hurt your marketing rather than help
Ads, regardless of size, have to compete for the reader’s attentionLike television advertising, it would be prudent to consult with a professional marketing firm, preferably one that specializes in insurance marketing, to help you design an advertisement that best captures your targeted audience’s attention. The smaller the ad space the less detailed and complicated the ad should be.Also keep in mind the days the most sought after papers and weekly shoppers are printed. The rates for a large advertisement over the weekend will be greater than the same sized ad featured all week long.Billboards and Signs
While most forms of outdoor advertising are contained within billboards and large signage, some independent agencies have broadened the term to include park benches, posters and seat rails at public transit stops. This form of marketing has become a popular, less costly way, when compared with television and print advertising, to reach a larger audience in major metropolitan areas.Pros:Potential clients cannot simply discard or “turn off” outdoor advertising
Name recognition is higher with those consumers who walk or drive the same route each day
Billboards and signs vary in price due to size and location making it is easier to find one in your budgetCons:More often than not, outdoor advertisements do not fully engage a consumer’s attention for more than a few seconds
Advertisements have to be simple and interesting enough for the consumer to remember
Outdoor advertisements are usually contracted for a longer period of time than most independent agencies had anticipated securing them for
Posters and bench signs at public transit stops work well in major metropolitan areas where lower, middle and upper class alike share the same transportation systems, however, not as effective in areas where public transportation is not as commonIf you feel various forms of outdoor advertising would be a compliment to your business and marketing plan, consider placement wisely. Consult many firms for input and advice on the best way to stretch your marketing dollar and how they can help you create eye-catching and simple designs for your sign.Phone Book Directories
Since exposure to the advertisements in phone book directories is voluntary, meaning consumers actually turn to the phone book for its ads, this form of marketing for independent insurance agencies has become an industry standard.Pros:Certain targeted audiences utilize the phone book regularly to find businesses in their area
Many phone books also have an online directory giving agencies a more broad exposure
You can tailor your exposure to cover a large metropolitan area, or just the city you work in
Traditionally, consumers will keep a phone book versus discarding it like a newspaperCons:Cost – as more consumers turn to the internet, the cost for print ads in the phone book has increased to cover profit loss
Marketing ineffectiveness – with so many insurance agencies buying ads, it becomes more difficult to capture the consumer’s attention, and once again, stand out from the 100’s of other agents in your market
There are so many phone books in which to advertise, which one do you choose to feature your agency As with any form of advertising, be sure to read all the features and benefits that come with your paid advertisement. Does it include a featured ad online, or is that separate? What is the target area or audience of the phone book you are looking at? Is the cost monthly, quarterly or annual? Is there an automatic renewal clause or will you have the option of not renewing your contract? Where will your advertisement be placed in comparison to the other featured ads? Will someone employed by the phone book assist you with an eye catching advertisement, or do you have to hire a marketing agency to do that for you, and what is the cost?Internet Advertising
Roughly 90% of all the households across the United States have access to the internet either at home, at work or at school; making advertising on the internet the fastest growing marketing medium for independent insurance agents. That household percentage goes even higher for those families with a combined income of $100k or more. However, internet advertising gaining its strength only in the last decade or so, there is still a lot an independent agent would need to research, as with any form of advertising, before making a financial commitment.Pros:Cost- you can spend much or as little as your budget allows
Levels the playing field – the internet gives the independent agent a chance to compete with the large insurance carriers with regards to search engine placement
Whether a web site, a PDF brochure, an affiliated network or a video; any and all forms of advertising can be featured and found on the internet
Advertisement exposure is voluntary. Only the websites relevant to a consumer’s online search will pull up for them to look at. Someone searching for insurance agents in their area are more often than not, looking for an agent to speak withCons:People expect to be educated or informed by an agent’s personal website – having out-dated information or poor graphics can actually hurt your credibility
The ever changing internet – each of the major search engines change what they search for on websites constantly with regards to how well they rank. Staying on top of these changes can be very time consuming or expensive if you pay a firm to do this for you.
Fear of identity theft – consumers are becoming skeptical of entering their personal contact information online for fear they will have their personal information stolen or sold to telemarketing companies and be subject to unwanted emails or phone calls There are so many options and services available to the independent insurance agent to effectively market themselves and attract more leads. The form of advertising you choose will depend largely on the audience you intend to target, the area in which you do business, and ultimately your budget. Be sure to ask questions. Know what you are getting and what you are not with whatever forms of marketing you decide to use.